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Kosher Modern presents gourmet recipes for kosher foodies. Geila Hocherman loves food, and for a brief time loved treif (non-kosher) food, and now she is determined to accept no obstacles in making any dish – for example, Melon and Parma Ham is made fit for a kosher diet by becoming Melon with Duck Prosciutto. The book includes 12 chapters of easy and innovative kosher recipes organised by protein – many cleverly modifiable to serve a variety of menus and occasions, plus new takes on old favourites. Introductory ‘3-in-1’ recipes show how a single formula can be altered to become meat, dairy or pareve – the dish categories dictated by kosher practice. With versatile techniques and great recipes from around the globe, Kosher Modern expands the limits of what is possible and makes both kosher and treif dishes accessible to all.

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