Glass lace challah board


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3*26.5*40 cm

Elegant and festive Challah Board range incorporating well-known texts. The boards are versatile and can be used for Challahs or candlesticks.

The board consists of a delicate laser-cut stainless steel mandala pattern placed between two layers of tempered glass. Four stainless steel legs add height and elegance while ensuring the board’s stability but can be removed for easy cleaning.

The blessings incorporated in the mandela are: Shabbat Kodesh, Shabbat Shalom, Shabbat Mevorechet, Shabbat Menucha, Shabbat shel Shalva / Holy Shabbat, Peaceful Shabbat, Blessed Shabbat, Restful Shabbat, Shabbat of Serinity.

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