3 cup Alessi Coffee Maker Black


Introduced in 2015, the Pulcina espresso coffee maker became one of Alessi’s favourite items, thanks to its evocative design and its performance. In the black version, the light plays with the unique stepped shape. Designed by Michele De Lucchi, Pulcina contains a small but revolutionary innovation that enhances the full-bodied taste of coffee. Dedicated to those who do not want to renounce the taste and aroma of coffee offered by an espresso coffee machine, but want to experience this daily ritual in a special way.Pulcina does not require any special skills in making coffee compared to a traditional Moka. Fill the boiler with cold water, taking care not to exceed the level of the safety valve. Place the funnel-shaped filter in the boiler. Fill the filter with coffee without pressing it down too hard. Close by screwing the container on the boiler.

Excellent coffee is assured as the body is made of aluminium, a material that gives the espresso a round and full-bodied taste.

Espresso coffee maker in aluminium casting, black. Handle and knob in PA, black.

Not suitable for Induction cook tops.

Dimensions: L 9cm W 15cm H 20cm

Capacity: 15

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